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However, if it is just for personal use, the free version works just fine. You can securely access remote devices, transfer files, offer remote support, and even play games on a PC from anywhere. For organizational purposes, it has an address book system that can keep track of all computers accessed remotely. Microsoft Remote Desktop is great specifically for Windows users who are already familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem because it operates similarly to the other Microsoft apps. Launched in 2005, TeamViewer has been offering remote control solutions for millions of users with their team introducing and improving new features all the time.


In my second rotation, I was working on automation engineering. My job was to make sure all of the data we were collecting was being transferred from one end to the other intact and in good quality. I started my co-op journey at 84.51, here in downtown Cincinnati, as a software engineering co-op. I did three rotations at 84.51, and for my final two co-op rotations, I landed a job at IBM in Chicago.

  • Prior to starting the process, ensure that your internet connection is stable and fast.
  • While some flash utilities give you the option to save and restore your settings before and after the update, a typical firmware update will revert your device back to its factory-default settings.
  • The same is true with your apps so it’s important to keep them updated in the Apple App store and Google Play Store as sometimes they need updating manually.
  • This dedication to giving investors a trading advantage led to the creation of our proven Zacks Rank stock-rating system.

Firmware is the software programmed into your modem that makes it run. Firmware is updated periodically to add new features and keep modems performing their best. Updates are done automatically through the CenturyLink network, so as a rule you never have to think about it.

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IOS-XE firmware have a filename extension of “bin”. Once it’s on, connect your Wi-Fi again in Settings (you’ll need the password). Follow the steps below to enable a private address on your iPhone or iPad. A MAC address is a special network address that allows a device to communicate with a Wi-Fi network.

Firmware updates

Because of how embedded software is stored, it’s easier to update than firmware. For that reason, functionality that is expected to change over the course of the product roadmap might be implemented in embedded software rather than in firmware. The nuts-and-bolts of firmware is that it is a series of machine-language instructions. Embedded software is stored in a rewriteable storage medium, such as a mechanical or solid-state disk drive or USB dongle. An embedded software program is copied to the system’s main memory before it is executed.

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